Tanker Photos

All photos were shot by me.

Updated 2013-05-28

KC-135R #62-3554 at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, onloading aeromedical patients, 2009.Afghanistan Airlift

Crew chiefs installing engine covers as the sun sets at McConnell AFB, 2009. USAF photo.

Kansas Sunset

KC-135A #55-3118, the first KC-135 built, on static display at McConnell AFB, 2013._DSC1404_5_6_tonemapped-1

View out of the KC-135 boom pod with the air refueling boom deployed, 2013. _DSC1708_09_10_tonemapped-1-2

Looking up at the boom, ready to make contact.

Falcon under the hood in the cockpit. There’s a story behind this photo, which I will elaborate on in the future.IMG_3966-1-1

KC-135R getting parked._DSC6377-1


Two KC-135Rs in formation on departure climbout. _DSC8147-1 KC-135R with the boom down._DSC9039-1-3

View from the other side._DSC9043-1

KC-135Rs refueling each other._DSC9808-1-2

KC-135 on a dark ramp with all the lights turned on._DSC1239-1-2

After landing at Hickam AFB on the AMC ramp, 2010._DSC3480-1

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